Compliance & Ethics

We encourage employees to discuss their concerns about ethics and compliance with laws and regulations or internal policies and procedures with their supervisor or manager.

Employees can also contact our HR representative or the local ethics committee.

The local ethics committee consists of the Management Team of Europastry Central Europe B.V. The ethical committee can be reached via: (lokaal) (Europastry Centraal)

In this way, we offer the opportunity to address the problem in a timely manner and to come up with multiple solutions before it comes to a violation of the law or a risk to the reputation of the company.

The ethics committee has also established an external global ethical channel available to all executives, employees, employees, suppliers and customers:

Reports are anonymous and will be treated confidentially.

If employee prefers an external party, there is the option of approaching the confidential advisor appointed by the employer and employee organizations involved in the Bakers’ CLA via the link:

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